a candid conversation with Luke John Matthew Arnold - Havaianas Australia

a candid conversation with Luke John Matthew Arnold

We had a candid conversation with talented Aussie visual artist and illustrator Luke John Matthew Arnold to chat about all things art and design. Read on to be inspired!


What’s your design process?  

My process is kind of like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. I know the theme, images and motifs I want to use but the fun and more challenging things is finding the balance and placement of everything. Doing that for a pair of havis, instead of a canvas, I did get a tad obsessive and spent a good few days shifting, tweaking, totally changing stuff until I was happy with everything in their new rubber soled home. 


Where is your favourite place to get creative?  

I’m super lucky to live in the bush down south on Yuin Country, so just stepping out and going for a hike, feeding all my rescue animals on the farm etc. tends to keep me pretty inspired. I’m always finding odd things on my hikes and collect waaaay to much shit. So yeah, in the bush for sure.


Where do you draw inspiration from? What inspired this particular design?  

Much of my inspiration comes from living mostly outdoors in the bush and for this design I wanted kind of depict the magic of the natural world… That sort of witchy, forest at night vibe.


How would you describe your art/illustrative style?  

I’d descripe my art as pop art really. Really blocky and rich in colour and super-simple forms. I like the placement of things and colour more than sitting there making hyper-detailed illustrations. 


You share so many inspirational quotes and messages through your work, do you have a favourite? 

I’d have to say the rhyme that ends with “Just f*cking bloom” is an absolute fave of mine. 


What’s next for you in 2023?  

Hmmmm that’s a good question! I have a couple of books coming out, one this December for Chrissy and a kids book next year. I am also getting back into my first creative love, which is silversmithing, so expect to see a lot of my 2D images come to life.

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