Bondi Icebergs Goes Rainbow - Havaianas Australia

Bondi Icebergs Goes Rainbow

Did you guess who was behind the Rainbow at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Icebergs pool?

It was us!

In partnership with Minus18, we are celebrating Pride this Valentine’s Day with a physical display of love for the LGBTQIA+ community by transforming Sydney’s iconic Icebergs Pool into a 50 metre, eight stripe, rainbow flag.

Each stripe of the Pride rainbow showcased in the Bondi Icebergs pool represents values within the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrates the queer spectrum. We have chosen to honour the original flag of the LGBTQIA+ movement as this aligns with our first Pride collection, which is exclusively available Havaianas Bondi Beach & Manly stores as well as our online store. 


To walk in someone else's shoes means before judging someone, you understand their experiences, thought process and challenges. To coincide with the rainbow pool at Bondi Icebergs and share the love in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community, we are asking each and every one of you to Walk A Mile For Love this summer.


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