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Havaianas International Women's Day 2023

Which female inspires you? This International Women’s Day, we asked our team at Havis HQ who their Aussie heroines are and which female powerhouses they're listening to on repeat! Their choices shine a light on some of the incredible women bringing about change in Australia and the globe. International Women’s Day is a celebration of all women and acceptance – from workplaces creating cultures for women to thrive, to celebrating women driving change and elevating the visibility of women in spaces they have previously been a minority in. As a collective we can #EmbraceEquity and take action to achieve gender parity. Read on to find out which Australian women inspire us here at Havis HQ or click through to our Spotify playlist for some tunes to empower you today! 


Havaianas International Women's Day


Melanie Perkins – CEO of Canva 

CEO of Canva, Melanie Perkins is a leader within the design tech space, having made great achievements in a space typically dominated by male led giants such as Adobe and Microsoft.  Launching Canva in 2013, Melanie’s aim was to make design simple for all. Her dedication to the proposition led her to make headlines as one of tech’s youngest female CEOs at just 30! Fast forward to today, Canva is now worth $3.2 billion. Melanie broke through the competitive design tech space to make room for her dream, to make design accessible for all, even the novice. Girl power! 


Melanie Perkins – CEO of Canva


Jessica Rowe – Australian journalist 

Jessica is a journalist, bestselling author, broadcaster, mother and proud self-acclaimed ‘crap housewife’. Sharing her honest experience as a mother, she invites other mothers, who like herself, may feel they’re not the perfect mother or wife to feel part of a community. By sharing her real life experience with no filter, Jessica opens discussion around the difficulties of being a mother and navigating motherhood. As a motivational speaker to all the mothers out there, she provides comfort. Having gone through a tough period with breast cancer, this superwoman is also a proud ambassador for the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation who continue to support the many women and their families in their fight against breast cancer.  


Jessica Rowe


 Taryn Brumfitt – Founder of body image movement 

Body positivity - an endless struggle for women in the 21st century, accelerated by the impact of social media and photo editing. Taryn Brumfitt has been a leader in driving change for body image, founding the Body Image Movement in 2012. Recently named 2023 Australian of the Year, it’s not hard to see why. After giving birth to her third child, she considered cosmetic surgery to return to her pre pregnancy body but took up body building instead. In doing so, she sent a strong message to other women to embrace their body and love themselves. Through educational resources, events and inspiration from this superwoman herself, her movement is teaching women around the world to love the skin they’re in.  



Turia Pitt – Severe burn survivor 

Humanitarian, athlete, and inspiration for female empowerment to millions across the world, Turia is a burn survivor from a grassfire while competing in an ultra-marathon. Despite her near-death experience, she has done the unthinkable, writing three best-selling books, creating online coaching programs, and becoming an ambassador for ReSurge International. As part of her work for the latter, she has raised funds leading trekking adventures including walking the Great Wall of China in 2014. Turia has proven time and again that what you may think is impossible can be possible if you put your mind to it.  


Turia Pitt


Ashleigh Barty - Tennis player 

Wonder woman of the tennis court, Ash Barty is an Australian icon who has excelled in her sport whilst also providing support to her community. Through her ambassadorship, Ash supports Tennis Australia in providing more accessibility and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within tennis. Her many charitable acts, such as her pledge to donate all of her Brisbane International winnings to bushfire charities, demonstrate her goodwill through her empowerment on the tennis court.  


Ashleigh Barty


Carly Findlay - Appearance activist  

Despite being born with ichthyosis, a rare genetic disorder that affects the skin and hair, Carly is the epitome of breaking bias as an ‘appearance activist’. Speaking out about her mistreatment and physical pain as someone living with this condition, she has been an advocate for those not conforming to the societal beauty standards. Carly celebrates the beauty that comes from within, challenging conventional beauty standards and leading the way for people with disability in fashion and the media. In 2019 she hosted the first ever disability inclusive fashion event, Access to Fashion, which shone a light on works of models and designers with disabilities. 


Carly Findlay


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Havaianas International Women's Day

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