havaianas x market collaboration

havaianas x market collaboration

Have you seen our latest, hottest collaboration with LA streetwear giant market?

Inspired during his trip to Brazil pre pandemic, market founder Mike Cherman worked with havaianas to bring to life a never seen before concept. Working closely with the havaianas innovation team, designers and developers, the collaboration with market was brought to life, pushing the limits of what was possible.


During his time in Brazil, market founder Mike Cherman was in need of thongs to walk on the hot sand of the beautiful beaches. This led him to collaborate with the havaianas team to develop an innovative pair of thermochromic thongs, never seen before. The havaianas x market collaboration was created to warn the wearer of hot sands, with the shoe changing from black to red once faced with hot conditions. These shoes adapt with the environment, communicating through colour with the wearer as things change.


“Working with havaianas was really an honour working with a team that was ready to push the limits with us.”

 – Mike Cherman, Market founder


The free-flowing spirit of LA streetwear brand market in collaboration with havaianas led to the development of innovative heat reactive thongs that link the wearer to their environment. The classic havaianas top thong style got a tech touch, the black soles feature thermochromic technology meaning once you put them on, your body heat turns the soles red. Is that hot or what?!


havaianas x market now available. Shop now, this collaboration is too hot to miss.

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