recycle your havaianas this Earth Day

recycle your havaianas this Earth Day

You might have heard the term ‘Earth Day’ gaining popularity in recent years but have  you ever wondered what it actually entails? We’ve got you. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to support the protection of the environment we all call home - planet Earth. This day each year acts as a reminder that we should be doing our part to help conserve mother nature and this beautiful planet. This awareness is vital not only for our enjoyment, but for future generations to enjoy as well.  


We’re doing our part through the global havaianas reCYCLE program, an initiative which recycles old thongs to turn them into a variety of new products from yoga mats to tyres! Join us in our effort to conserve the planet this Earth Day by dropping your old thongs into our in-store reCYCLE bins, helping to give them a second life and avoid land fill.  


Read on to find out the three easy steps to recycle your thongs through our global havaianas reCYCLE program. 





Step 1 

Collect all your worn and broken pairs of havaianas that have had their time, whether it’s those pairs you wore to death over the summer or the ones that the dog chewed. We accept all rubber styles, from classic top strap and slim strap thongs to the new kid on the block, stradi slides. Styles with vegan straps, fabric materials and fabric straps unfortunately can’t be accepted for recycling at this time.   


Step 2 

Finding your closest drop off point is simple! Head to our website to find your nearest havaianas reCYCLE drop box in our partner retailers and outlets.  Enter your postcode or address into our map which will locate the drop box closest to you. 

You can access the map here: 


Step 3 

Visit your nearest store identified by our trusty map and locate our havaianas reCYCLE drop box. You should find it next to the store’s counter! If not, a team member will be able to point it out to you. Slip your well loved pairs of havaianas into the box and leave the rest to us. 


In just 3 simple steps you’ll be playing your part in preserving the planet by keeping havaianas out of land fill. Every pair recycled counts, so we encourage everyone to continue recycling their worn havaianas all year round. The Earth will thank you! 

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