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say happy father’s day with havaianas!

With Father’s Day in Australia right around the corner, do dad a favour and break up the socks and cologne pressie rotation. We’re here to help with your ‘what do we get dad’ dilemma. Ahead of summer, a pair of havaianas are the perfect gift for all dads and father figures in your life! Read on to find the perfect pair to match his personality.  


The outdoorsy dad  

You’ll find this dad starting a campfire or hiking on his weekends. The outdoorsy dad lives for adventure, with a passion for exploring and experiencing new things... and you know you’ll be the first to hear about it! The outdoorsy dad will be stoked to tell you all about his new tent or the great catches he’s made on the water and he’s always up for an exciting journey exploring the outdoors. With their camoflague print, our top camu thongs are the perfect option to help him blend into his surroundings.  

The comedic dad

You’ll find this dad telling the worst dad jokes while somehow lighting up the whole room; making others smile brings him joy. Commanding attention as if he were a comedian on stage, he’s not one to shy from the spotlight! Bold like his bad jokes, the Logomania thongs are a match made in heaven for the comedic dad.  We’re sure he has his go-to jokes on rotation so here’s a new one to share with him: Why do dads take extra socks when they go golfing? (in case they get a hole in one!) 


The super dad

Car got a flat tyre? Need help with flatpack furniture? Never fear, super dad will be there! He’s always around to help when you’re in a tricky situation or just need a hand. Whether it’s his Hulk-like strength or Ironman speed, he’s got your back. This dad truly is the hero in your life, so treat him to a pair of thongs that befits his superhero status! 


The wise dad 

A source of knowledge for basically everything, the wise dad has an endless supply of fun facts about the world, life and everything in between. He offers valuable advice, with most stories starting with ‘when I was your age...’. Like our original thongs, the wise dad has been there to support you since the beginning. He’s your day one! 



The TV buff dad  

You’ll find this dad glued to the television screen flicking between the latest Netflix series, nostalgic favourites and every sport imaginable. The TV buff dad knows where the remote is at all times and has a designated spot on the lounge... and no, you can’t sit in it! He’s constantly quoting his favourite shows so you’re likely to hear the Simpsons and SpongeBob mentioned on repeat. Find him a Father’s Day gift he’ll love in our TV character collection. 


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