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spotlight on Luke John Matthew Arnold

We're back with another exclusive print from iconic Aussie visual artist and illustrator Luke John Matthew Arnold! Featuring fun icons in his signature bold colours, this new print is bursting with happiness. In case you missed it last time, read on to find out about the artist behind the design. 

Luke’s creative journey started during his university days, where he took an interest in exploring social stereotypes through art. He began producing work that explored the way creative elements such as symbols and colours could be interpreted and challenged, with a particular focus on masculinity and sexuality. Around this time, he began working at his first job in the field, running a community centre’s art department. He quickly realised the 9-5 life wasn’t for him though, preferring instead to doodle and develop his camp, pop coloured, crude and at times political illustrations. 

Luke took to posting his work on Instagram, where he gained a strong following in support of his artwork challenging social stereotypes. Being immersed in a community of artists, performers and organisations through social media, Luke thrived and began collaborating with brands aligned with his ethos. This allowed him to revisit his 3D art making, now bringing his illustrations to life on products like our thongs! 

With warmer days ahead, now’s the perfect time to refresh your havaianas collection with our latest style from LJMA. 

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