this is havaianas

This is havaianas

Who we are

Born in Brazil in 1962, havaianas aim to provide footwear with comfort, lightness and a touch of Brazilian spirit. Every time you slip into a pair of havaianas, the possibilities are endless.


Havaianas are a fusion of Japanese inspiration and Brazilian joy. Originally inspired by the zori, havaianas took inspiration from these traditional Japanese sandals made from rice straw designed by farmers in the past. Our thongs continue to be a tribute to the zori, with their soles featuring the rice pattern inspired by the rice straw they were originally made from.

Global brand

Born in Brazil, raised around the globe havaianas are a household name for thongs everywhere. In the late ‘90s, the brand havaianas, with a touch of brazilian soul, won the hearts of Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, England, the USA and Japan. Nowadays, havaianas can be found in over 150 countries worldwide!

Handmade process

A lot of tender love and care goes into the manufacturing process of havaianas to ensure great quality and comfort. More than 24 hands knead, cut and assemble each pair. They continue to be made in Brazil, since 1962.


Life is made up of cycles, and so are our thongs. Part of the production process starts with the previous production’s leftover materials. Each sole contains at least 40% of manufacturing reused material reincorporated into the product. Here at havaianas we want to help sustain our planets’ longevity for society of all generations to enjoy. By taking these steps to avoid waste, we are helping minimise our negative footprint left on the environment!

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